e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

a few days ago I got a very warm email from a guy named Ulfert Janssen. in it he very cordially introduced me to the work of an artist named Markus Haub.

"Haub, Haub...Markus Haub; I know that name..." I was saying this aloud to Che, my pitbull, who usually sits right next to me at the typer. with a broad stroke of his tongue over my cheek, I remembered exactly who Markus was through his art. 

"yea, yea...the guy who made paintings of Porsches in a style that spoke loudly to my disheveled half; and on a few of the paintings he'd write a sort of title with a few descriptive words, a sort of preface to the subject, in this refined calligraphic font." 

I remember finding one of his pieces by accident about a year ago. it grabbed me right away, so I decided to share it on my Facebook page knowing that my Porschista comrades would dig it.

and here was Ulfert making a proper introduction of his friend in place of the clandestine one I made during one of searches--