seth ruden

This is my toolbox. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My toolbox is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My toolbox, without me, is useless. Without my toolbox, I am useless.
This box has been around since the last 90’s, when it was actually making money. On it, there are various elements that have been added as décor, to warm up the place. My first k26 compressor was ditched when it became a K-27. The factory decal off a 968 we turbocharged at Powerhaus. Some of the old Powerhaus vinyl back when custom vinyl was still acceptable as a badge. But the combination of the turbo S script with the 968, placed in the line of the compressor outlet is more than conspicuous. This was my dream, my long-term desire which came as a result of a love affair with the transaxle platform. And I just finished it… well, for now. 
A wat? A 968 Turbo S; The most cult street car of this cult car series. In fact, there were two flavors, the 968 Turbo RS was also made available as an initial run of 4, but there was anticipation of at least 100 total cars. In the end, it’s estimated that there’s less than two dozen.  It was built as expected… a 3.0 liter 951 with an 8v head and all the delicious M030 options, 300 horsepower for the Turbo S with a limited speed 6 speed to row through.  At $150k Deutschmarks, nearly a quarter million in today’s dollars, they didn’t sell many. Perhaps the homologation special for ARDC GT racing in Germany had only just started production when the world economy was just starting to exit the shitcan, perhaps because the car had only wind up windows and the only interior option was black cloth. 

"...eventually you get there, and you take that step back and say: I built that. This is my art..."

Naturally, in today’s Porsche market (as of this edition) the remaining examples are quite valuable, with one selling in the mid $300’s at last domestic auction (a few years back!).  So you pretty much can’t get your hands on them now. What option is left? Well, DIY. This took a year and a half, from acquiring a 968 from North Carolina and a local 88 951, and marrying them with an eye on the factory as a high water mark. In all honesty, it’s not that hard. It takes a lot of cash tho. It also takes a ton of resilience, ambition, arrogance and patience. But eventually you get there, and you take that step back and say: I built that. This is my art, I created it in the image I wanted. It’s an expression of what I can materialize from disconnected physical objects. 
From this genesis in my head, transmitted through the contents of this toolbox, it’s my story (and you can read a guide to creating one of these on Rennlist if you want more of that). But, here’s the best part: This is now a dedicated section of flüssig for the rest of us to tell their story. We all want to share our builds, that’s what expression is about. In this section, exploring the dreams of our like-minded co-conspirators, from the lens of shop class as soulcraft. OK, perhaps a bit too far.  How about Technisch: Craftsmanlike Builds, Personal Projects and Purposeful Executions.  With lots of engine porn. Let the games begin.  


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