el jefe

Dr. 944S2 gives us our Saturday lesson.

The video gives you a step by step tutorial how to replace the brakes at your Porsche 944. This video is deticated to the early models with the floating-frame calipers, where the rotors are inside the hub. The video shows you how to disassemble the hub and how to adjust the wheel bearing afterwards.

Das Video zeigt eine schrittweise Anleitung zum Wechsel der Bremsen an einem Porsche 944. Er richtet sich speziell an die frühen Modelle mit Schwimmsattelbremse bei denen die Bremsscheiben in der Radnabe verbaut sind. Das Video zeigt, wie man die Radnabe zerlegt und danach das Radlagerspiel wieder korrekt einstellt.


el jefe

Jürgen, Dr. 944S2, is the Mister Rogers of 944 repair. in this video he explains how to replace the camshaft housing gaskets on an 8-valve 944 engine with such calmness and in such a friendly tone that it makes you wanna go and give him a bear hug...man, I love this guy.

e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

I dig this cat's style. going by the name Dr. 944S2, he presents a variety of repairs ranging from the simplest like this glove box hinge fix to the more complicated like re-welding the timing chain tensioner saddle in a friendly manner. wearing his signature red overalls, he makes everything look easy...hell, I'd like to give this guy a bear hug. roll 'em...