composed by el jefe

we've been at it for a year now...these are the people and the machines woven into flüssig's soul.

sourced by pablo deferrari

arguably one of my favorite Porsche designs of the future is this Sport Turismo Concept. either I've softened up on Porsche's styling or my brain simply responds to it favorably, in which case I blame it on age—because with age comes acceptance. 

I first saw photos of this car launched in Paris and I instantly loved it; every curve, every angle, every detail, done with perfect proportions and executed with impeccable precision. when I found this video, it brought me back to the days of the Porsche design studio buzzing with intense energy during the early stages of the 928's design process...and that intoxicates me.

here's what it takes to create and stimulate the next generation of Porsche enthusiasts.