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already by 1957, Porsche began thinking about the 356's successor; this prototype numbered 695 was what we can call the very beginnings of the 911. Porsche was again toying with the idea of creating a four seat car that started with the Typ 530 in 1951...essentially a fairly horrid looking elongated 356.

for this car, the sales department hashed out a plan calling for "no completely new car. sporty character. significantly more space for two. easier to get in. better rear view." the technicians, on the other hand, decided on more pragmatic criteria; "better visibility. larger and vertically positioned headlamps. better bumpers." Ferry chimed in suggesting " two-seater with two comfortable foldaway seats." and that's how the 695 came to be.

interestingly, the car we see in this video is the same thing, only it was a running prototype renamed Typ 754...why they switched out the internal designation is another one of Porsche's mysteries.

the idea of a four-seater would resurface again when plans were being laid out for the 928 in 1971; we'd have to wait until the 21st century to finally see a Porsche that could comfortably accommodate four adults, not two adults and two midgets.   

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probably the best form of therapy for petrol heads is putting together an engine in complete tranquility, in a clean shop, with a little music wafting through the cavernous space...the only thing missing is a bottle of Jack to make the mood and possibly make a mistake towards the end.

video shot by pablo deferrari

time in a 968 Cab with the top down seems to just slowly slide by, so I decided to capture one of the these moments with my wife behind the wheel as we enjoyed the summer the sun.

open air motoring in a Porsche is one hell of a memorable experience.

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what amazes me about Luciano Rupolo is not the Ferrari 250 GTE, nor the Iso Grifo Competzione, or even the 250 GT Cal Spyder that lives in his garage, it's the mentality he has on collecting and keeping historically important cars before anyone else.

the clip is full of bits and pieces of his wisdom that, were you to apply a 928 or 924 in any of his sentences, they'd still resonate with truth. I can't help but think Luciano as the kind of collector who not only loves his cars, and drives his cars, but does it with a shoulder-shrugging sort of attitude; how many collectors do you know would rest a briefcase on a 250 series Ferrari to show you a few documents or tell Porsche to piss off when they want to buy a car you have and they covet.

wait for it to become historic...no better words could sum up the cars flüssig celebrates.

by dave derecola

dave and I recently connected on facebook discussing füssig's sponsorship of the 944 Cup Racing series; and judging by this video he shared with us, these guys aren't messing around...if you think you have the cojones to scrub some Hoosiers on the tarmac, give Dave a shout.

check out their site for more info.


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arguably one of my favorite Porsche designs of the future is this Sport Turismo Concept. either I've softened up on Porsche's styling or my brain simply responds to it favorably, in which case I blame it on age—because with age comes acceptance. 

I first saw photos of this car launched in Paris and I instantly loved it; every curve, every angle, every detail, done with perfect proportions and executed with impeccable precision. when I found this video, it brought me back to the days of the Porsche design studio buzzing with intense energy during the early stages of the 928's design process...and that intoxicates me.

here's what it takes to create and stimulate the next generation of Porsche enthusiasts.