filmed by pablo deferrari

I decided to start shooting film with a sort of vintage 8mm flavor using an app on my android phone. I find this format perfect in the sense that it's totally imperfect; less focus is made on the quality of the piece leaving you to concentrate a bit more on the subject since your eye has to navigate around the low quality of the filming.

the first subject I chose was our 944S since it was just sitting there, forlorn, in a covering of droplets from the rain that fell a few moments ago...the soundtrack is royalty free from Jan Kliemann giving us a perfect tempo for the mood.

sourced by pablo deferrari

"the great putdown," shot by Peter Helm in 8mm, has to be one of my most favorite films demonstrating the irreverence of owning 60's Ferraris in a time where they were just used cars. 

money and speculation, brought on by those preferring to keep these great cars locked away, had yet to hit them. today, the Ferrari and Porsche market run by those who'd rather conserve than use, set a new standard that make these cars literally untouchable.

and so it goes...

sourced by pablo deferrari

Das Aktuelle Sport-Studio session featuring Walter Röhrl discussing the presentation of a 924 Carrera German.

video by pablo deferrari

I never did this sort of thing with the 911, you know, make a video of the thing in motion. but something about the 968 and my wife behind the wheel brings out the Luis Buñuel in me...

sourced by pablo deferrari

when CEO Wiedeking brought Shingijutsu, a company specializing in manufacturing efficiency, into Porsche to help implement the Kaizen philosophy, things began to change at Zuffenhausen...for the better. 

and if you thought this meant the complete robotization of building Porsches, you thought wrong. this video demonstrates how the Japanese system helped increase efficiency and productivity leaving certain facets of human craftsmanship and hand building intact.

the soul of Porsche manufacturing was left undisturbed.

here's a brief quote of what Shingijutsu is about--

"Shingijutsu was started in 1987 by some of the pioneers of the widely praised Toyota Production System. Since its inception, Shingijutsu has quietly and effectively led many companies on very successful transformations by harmonizing quality, quantity and timing."

sourced by andy mcculley

When I was at the Pinehurst Concours, Magnus made a video of himself walking around the field for the informal cars and coffee/fairway drive gathering.  One of the cars Magnus focused on was my '83... toward the end of the video.