el jefe

BTS of the Cannibals attacking Steven's Porsche in Jack Ketchum's upcoming OFFSPRING, directed by Andrew Van Den Houten of Moderncine.


el jefe

"Both myself and my best friend Harrison Geier are the proud owners of a 1985 944 2.5l inline 4 n/a. We enjoy this car so much. For an automobile, this car has so much endearing character that it almost lives and breathes as far as I'm concerned. So much so, I've shot a video celebrating what it means to me, as a driving experience."

—Mark Collins
the artistry isn't so much in the shape, but in the way it transforms itself from metallic to looking like blown glass. what a way to present a set of hearders Danielle, Matthew and posse at MWR.

el jefe

Danielle and her tribe are picking up where Herr Hensler left off...nearly 25 later. wait until we bring you Motor Werks Racing's story on this four piston Wassergekühlt Biest.

Nico Rossi

Porsche Cars North America aired this commercial on leasing the S2 Cabriolet.