George Mavraganis

I bought a 1988 manual 924S (UK spec right had drive) in late 2012 . Since I saw and drove this transaxle Porsche ( I also own a 996 Carrera 3.6), I knew it's a car I will keep.
I have spent a fair amount of money in the car, all OE stuff. Things like a major service, new belts, tensioners and various engine parts, new clutch kit, new suspension and bushes, new (un-cracked) dash, new wishbones, CV joints and bearings. 

On the inside, refurbished all the seats with new original cloth, refurbished wheels, new fuel lines, new brake lines, new exhaust, rewired (with new wires) all the dash electrics (all work done at Porsche) and installed a rare Porsche Exclusive Steering Wheel from their 1988 Porsche Exclusive catalog and some Porsche Classic finishing touches (Porsche Classic licence frames, first aid kit, warning triangle) as well as some rare Porsche accessories (Fire Extinguisher, cargo net, Wooden Interior Kit not yet installed). 

The car was totally transformed when I installed the OE SACHS suspension all 'round and have found the Dunlop Blue Response Sport tyres very good for the 924S. Overall, its a great sports car that i enjoy driving and I plan to put a refurbished torque tube next as there is some whining noise. I'm also thinking of installing an original complete Porsche 924S bodykit (I have two complete sets) which means drilling 24 holes in the car... this is a harder decision to make than I thought!


02/10/2016 16:41

Lovely car - leave it without the bodykit though, the shape is perfect as it is


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