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I've decided to mosey on up to the business end of things. This shot will be my guide to not only put things back together but to witness the dissection that's about to take place. What I need to do up here are vacuum lines, all of the hoses you see here and the ones you don't, the rubber sleeves between the intake runners and the plenum, see what's shakin' at the fuel distributor, take out the fuel injectors, get the air pump back into circulation...anything from the heads up will get some kind of attention.
Just look at that shit...With the spider body off, you can see the years of varnish and carbon accumulation in the throttle body. There was certainly something wrong with her. See that flanged pipe under the number 2 runner on the left? That was a bee-otch to remove. I had to look at the workshop manual to see what the fuck that thing was and where it went since it prevented me from removing the plenum when I thought I disconnected everything...it's part of the AirCon unit.
Here's a shot looking at the runners for cylinders 1-4 and that goddamned AirCon pipe. If the intakes look like this, I can only imagine what the valves and combustion chambers look like. I think I opened a can of putrid worms on this one...but, I was going to take the engine out anyway. Look at the throttle body from this angle, it looks like someone tried to shit down this old girl's throat. This is gonna be a shitload of fun!!!
Here are the runners for cylinders 5-8 on the right bank. These engines can look intimidating when you first look at them, but they are actually quite simple and basic...for me anyway.
The left bank of cylinders where the air pump plumbing is rigged to. The diverter valve lived right at the end of that pipe and bolted to the bracket you see there. Let me tell you something, that valve took me 3 cans of beer and a masturbation break to give me the resolve needed to get it off. Yeh, Porsche passion.
I love these kinds of shots. everything laid out neatly for the sake of order and a sense of progress. Being raised to be the best has it's drawbacks, it makes kids grow up to be twisted fuck-wits like myself. Anyway, these are the components removed so far...air box, air box supports, intake plenum, intake runner sleeves, warm up regulator or WUR, auxiliary air valve, cold start valve, and the air pump delivery pipe...oh and the diverter valve that cost 3 brews and load. The air box supports were beyond shot and it seems that you can't just order the rubber isolator, it and the bracket are one part.
Now this was a nice surprise. It seems like one of the oafs who owned this car had enough smarts to order a new auxiliary air valve from one of the big 3 928 supply joints, 928 International. Unfortunately, another oaf, or possibly the same one, blocked of the connection that goes into the cold start valve collar so it never got a chance to work its magic.
See that? After all that grief and busted nuts this is my reward. The bolt holding the diverter valve bracket busted off leaving a real bag of dicks to deal with. I can't get a drill, dremel, or midget with an extractor in there to remove this thing. Another ahole would probably use wood glue to tack the valve back on or better yet, a sheet metal screw into the valve cover springing an oil leak that'll have him wondering why there's oil all over the place. I'll address this when the engine is out. For now, I deserve that long awaited fine cigar and a bottle of Boone's Farm to set me right.



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