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There it is. I had enough torment trying to see which was the best way to go on these fuel lines, I've opted for the Oetiker clamps and Cohline high pressure hose combo...and you know what? I think it's good enough. Sure, they're not braided lines and AN fittings (never really liked that option because it doesn't look stock and adds an element of 'boy racer' to the engine bay), nor are they "Hydraulic shop" ferrules and the like, but it'll work. And I wont have to worry about a screw clamp coming loose or the need to be re-tightened. My logic is this, the barbs cut into the fuel hose? Replace them at intervals like a timing belt or gear oil service this way age can't effect these hoses to the point where they may start to leak. So I went and did all of them like this...
And here's where I ended it on the return line to the fuel sending unit. I always weep at how beautiful this clamp looks here...it's factory-like, man!
See this?
How 'bout this? OK, because this was the hose from the fuel pump to the accumulator wrapped in that nice snuggley foam insulation that was a bee-otch to remove because the hose melted itself to it. This also explains why there was a trail of fuel and rust on the fuel tank strap portion where this hose channeled into. Look at that godamned thing, and I thought it felt supple and looked 'powder fresh.' What a dumbass...Alright, enough of the fuel lines, I'm bored with this shit, let's move on!
Oh wait, the shot that gave me a hard-on! The only hose available for this old girl...the one that goes from the fuel filter to the fuel line under the car that I got from Porsche FOB Germany...OK, now let's move on!!!



09/07/2016 22:58

Came across this article while doing a google search.

Hats off to you! Oetiker original style pinch clamps is the way to go!
(plus OE German hose).

I'm one of the few "parts snobs" out there.. who'd rather stick with stock appearing parts. So know how that feels there...

Thumbs up.


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