el jefe

"look what you did...LOOK! "

"you've over tightened the fuckin' thing! it's plastic, goddammit; the screw doesn't need to be torqued down. Jesus Christ—get the hell atta here before I break my foot off in your ASS!"

there wasn't anyone there. 

I was yelling at the headlamp cover hoping that, somehow, by telepathy or Hermes' ghost, the message would be delivered to the oaf.


el jefe

two things will reduce bearing life in any Porsche gearbox; not being driven and infrequent gear oil changes. 

there is a third; improper shifting habits, ignoring worn shift linkages and bushings. but these are characteristics of an oaf, and that's beyond the scope of this article because changing the gear oil is the least of your problems.


report by el jefe

we go under again...
the great thing about my wife is that she understands.

not only about my infatuation with Porsche, my feral mannerisms, and my complete lack of any social graces with a preference for pissing outside like a dog rather than use the loo...she understands what it takes and what to expect when owning and driving a vintage Porsche.

this is why she took it in stride when the starter on the 968 began its death rattle.


confession/lesson by pablo deferrari

I could've bought a 968 for twice as much...but I didn't. Wanna know why? I probably would've spent the same amount of money bringing her up to snuff as I did ours. I don't give a shit what the seller claims, they ALL need work...even the ones with stacks of receipts and an owner who claims needs nothing.

If it seems like I'm bludgeoning a dead, decaying horse to death, it's because I am; I'm about to show you what it costs to bring a 10K 968 to proper working condition with no stories.


report by pablo deferrari

Che looks on making sure that everything is disassembled in an orderly fashion.
the bushings on the front sway bar haven't been changed since it left the factory 20 years ago. they've been subjected to rain, snow, salt, and power steering leaks with nary a complaint...it's time for them to retire.