words by Leo Dijkstra photos by Phil Toledano

You may have noticed flüssig isn't just about the technicalities of owning an early water cooled Porsche. As much as we like to share our latest wrenching story, tech tips or design history with you, you’ll know by now that we're even more about the passion and the people behind these cars. And they come in all sorts. 


words and photos by Leo Dijkstra

the eyes speak volumes...
"Gründlichkeit und pünklichkeit." 

That's what people say when asked how to define the Germans. Getting things done, making quality products that work, on time, as agreed, that last a lifetime.

But what if we are asked the same question about the Italians? 'Gründlichkeit und pünktlichkeit' are not top of mind. Passion and a strive for beauty in everything they produce may be more descriptive.


words and photos by leo dijkstra

photo taken from a brochure of a Fiat Dino. From 1971. So from the same era as the picture with the small family cars.
I guess it started with peering through the driver's window to catch a glimpse of the speedo. Standing on our toes, I must have been 6 or so, hoping to find a round dial instead of the strip speedos typical for the slower and older cars. The game we played was to find the fastest car parked at the square in front of the apartment buildings where we lived. We knew the speedos were optimistic and not a true reflection of the actual top speed. So we subtracted 40 and compared car models. 


edited by leo dijkstra photos and story by peggy larson

Editor's note: 
Here's a story about a Peggy who caught the Porsche bug early on; and a bit of yellow fever to go with that, which she's still not been able to cure. I loved working on this story as Peggy takes us through nearly forty years of Porsches and more. And I even found a link in there to me being Dutch and my favourite garage footwear. Let's see if you can spot that one also. Enjoy!


story by leo dijkstra photos by sertaç erkin

"I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself."

Ferdinand Porsche took things into his own hands. It is this spirit that lives on in Porsche fans, not least in the flüssig crowd.

And a little inspiration goes a long way; literally, in this case. All the way to Turkey, when Koray Bozunoðððğullari could not find quite the tour he dreamed of—and created it himself.


story and photos by james morrison
edited by leo dijkstra

Many, many years ago, my friend Chuck started a website called 928 Registry. One of the first things I read on the site that really caught my fancy was the LAST US GTS. What a story and what a car! Custom everything, super expensive (almost 2X the cost of a "regular" '95 928) and a crazy color to boot. It’s a color that, quite frankly, has been in vogue for the last several years.