words and images by derek mccallister 

the result of a failed head gasket on a 924
There seems to be an interesting trend I am seeing among the exotic car world right now which is that Lamborghini and Ferrari cars, vintage years specifically, are well on the rise.  On top of this, the 911 has gone up in value, and so have many other sought after and obscure Porsche cars with a following (914/928, etc).  

The recent market price of exotics are causing the cars to leave the grasp of many of us who dreamed of them, pushing them into the hands of those who have a lot of money to throw around; concurrently,  the entry level exotics are also approaching the higher inventory prices.  I have recently been watching Jalpas, Urracos, 308s, and 348s increasing in cost.  To be more specific, I recently watched a Jalpa sell for over $110,000, which you could have easily bought a Diablo for years ago when the market was tame.  Years prior, the Jalpa was selling in the $40-50k range.


words and photos by Derek McCallister

the process of rebuilding the 924 engine isn't for those lacking passion.
As I get older and wiser, I’m not sure if I feel like there’s a “destiny” or a “things happen for a reason” all that much…I’m not even sure if fate would be a good word for it.  I think that would perhaps insinuate that some people are intended to find more interesting things than others.  I do think there are various circumstances that shape who we are, however.  


words and photos by derek mccallister

On my way back from work not too long ago I decided to take a different route. The long way home, filled with a few fun corners. 


photos and story by Derek McCallister

The torque tube on the 924/944/928 is nearly identical on all of them; the difference is of course bearing diameters, insert diameters, and torque tube diameters but the idea is all the same.  You might hear horror stories about their rebuild, but they’re quite simple to do, as a matter of fact.  The first thing to decide is if you just need to do the torque tube, and if you need to do the clutch as well.  I did my torque tube while it was out of my 944 and did the clutch.  However, it’s not that much work to drop the transmission and pull out the torque tube to just rebuild it.