cap'n clean

One of the more arcane tasks in the detailing world is wheel well and chassis cleaning.  I’m going make an attempt at simplifying the process, and making it specifically applicable to our aqueous-cooled German purebreds.  Before you start, your undercarriage probably looks something like this...


words and photos by Andy McCulley

Now that the season to be jolly is over, we enter the season to compulsively clean.  Since North Carolina has seen a significant drop in temperatures to below 60 degrees, I figured that it is far too cold to do anything with the cars other than detail them in the heated garage.  I decided that other clean freaks would enjoy an article specifically on basic Porsche detailing, so I will conduct a written demonstration of some of the methods, processes, and products that I use for very basic detailing.  As a disclaimer, I hold no responsibility for anyone who screws some part of this process up and concurrently causes damage to their vehicle.  I should also mention that this article will mention my preferred methods and some of my favorite products for detailing.  There are various products that would do the job just as well, and many methods that are much more detailed and intensive than mine.