Jack Ledingham

My 1986 944 was my daily driver as well as being a part time van, part time Sunday car and part time project. I can’t really afford the luxury of having umpteen different things to drive whenever it suits but I feel it's quite rewarding as I've developed a bit of a bond (as sad as that may be) between it and I.






Edward Aldridge

29th of September.

The BMW 1 series coupe was on the verge of massive depreciation — it had to go. This is how I started courting 944s.

My father showed me a 944 2.7 in guards red on eBay which was going for cheap; four hours later it was sold. Anyone into reading tea leaves would've taken the hint — not me. 

The search continued. 


Shawn Stanford

Saturday afternoon, rural Virginia...

            You never want to be that guy at Frenzy, the one whose car is the center of attention. It seems like an annual occurrence, though: someone makes it, but the effort to get there proves too much for their Shark, and the result is a gathering of, frankly, some of the most brilliant and experienced 928 mechanics in the world, working by flashlight in the parking lot of a hotel to get someone back on the road.

            Heck, some years that’s the best part.


Glenn Barron

There are road trips…and there are soul filling journeys.  

We love the automobile for the freedom it affords us: freedom to come and go as we wish, freedom to get away from everyday life, and freedom to roam faraway places.  We have all taken road trips, some begrudgingly, some enthusiastically.  We also dream of getting away to exotic places or interesting locales in our cars.  Some of us have even planned and completed said trips.  But just how many of us have completed an epic journey we always dreamed about?  Meet Philippe Delaporte and his sons Thibault & Baudouin.


Seth Ruden

Recognition in the Value of Diversity

Rennwerks Reunion 2016, held in Carmel, California on August 19, featured the “water-cooled cars that started a revolution”. Wait, what? Porsche Club of America’s signature West Coast Summer event is focused on transaxles? 


Jason Lee

If you think about all the times you have fallen in love, it always happens when you least expect it — crashing you head on.

This time, it nearly did me in. 


cap'n clean

One of the more arcane tasks in the detailing world is wheel well and chassis cleaning.  I’m going make an attempt at simplifying the process, and making it specifically applicable to our aqueous-cooled German purebreds.  Before you start, your undercarriage probably looks something like this...


el jefe

he wouldn’t give it up.

“That 911’s a ’72…the external oil filler flap right behind the passenger side door gives it away. Did you know that? You can’t call yourself a Porschephile if you didn’t! It was the only year a production 911 would employ a feature Piëch developed for the 911R. So technically, you…”

I was trying to shake this motherfucker off me. like a tick, he latched on trying to bury his head into my skin while pounding my ear with condescension. I had enough of this guy’s bullshit; I barked...


el jefe

and then it came…

crude, dry, and beaten — perfect.

the crooked red sticker demanded “handle with care.” scars and tattoos collected from Hemiksem to Plainfield never revealed the contents hugged in naked cardboard — but to hell with any preconceptions when that perforated flap was ripped open.


Seth Ruden

What is there left to say about this cult-car that hasn’t been said? That it isn’t competitive in racing 30 years later? That its look and aesthetic hasn’t stood the test of time? That it’s technology wasn’t cutting edge and doesn’t hold up compared to the drivability of new cars? Or have you already written off every single question, and now expect a puff piece about how the 951 still measures up, three decades later. It became a feel good anthem to the merits of an overachiever, punching above its weight from a humble origin, that had finally come of age during the time of West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys.