words and photos by Derek McCallister

the process of rebuilding the 924 engine isn't for those lacking passion.
As I get older and wiser, I’m not sure if I feel like there’s a “destiny” or a “things happen for a reason” all that much…I’m not even sure if fate would be a good word for it.  I think that would perhaps insinuate that some people are intended to find more interesting things than others.  I do think there are various circumstances that shape who we are, however.  


words by Leo Dijkstra photos by Phil Toledano

You may have noticed flüssig isn't just about the technicalities of owning an early water cooled Porsche. As much as we like to share our latest wrenching story, tech tips or design history with you, you’ll know by now that we're even more about the passion and the people behind these cars. And they come in all sorts. 


words and photos by Leo Dijkstra

the eyes speak volumes...
"Gründlichkeit und pünklichkeit." 

That's what people say when asked how to define the Germans. Getting things done, making quality products that work, on time, as agreed, that last a lifetime.

But what if we are asked the same question about the Italians? 'Gründlichkeit und pünktlichkeit' are not top of mind. Passion and a strive for beauty in everything they produce may be more descriptive.


words and photos by scott ferrier

The story started many years ago in Germany when I was working as an interior design manager for Hyundai, I had just turned 30 and my wife agreed that a 968 sport was a suitable present. 

So we traveled from Paris, where we had our family home, to a Porsche dealer in Dortmund to test drive a 968.