diana reinartz

editor's note--

I'm not a pious man, but if were, I'd have to say two of my prayers were answered. the first is that flüssig finally has a woman's voice; something we so desperately needed because quite frankly, this has been a sausage party for too long, ya know? I've been inactively on the lookout for more women enthusiasts to join in on the irreverent fun we've been having. on to the second prayer. we have our first correspondent from Germany. this is a journal about German cars with a German name yet we had no one representing the official playground for Stuttgart's Stute und Gestüt. to celebrate, we'll be posting all of Diana's articles in her native tongue along with ours. it'll help bring a larger fold of German speakers who'll appreciate phrases and words that get lost in translation. 

well, she's finally here...willkommen Diana!

e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶


el jefe

calling this work of art a "shooting brake" is like calling a 944 a "hatch back;" it's a ruined orgasm...like hearing the voice of your momma from the distance calling out for you while receiving a terrific blowjob by the town hussy in the park down the street because it's past your curfew. 

DP knew such a trite expression used by tight lipped English old farts to describe "a mode of transport for sporting gentlemen, their rifles, and a couple of hounds" could no longer apply to such a revolutionary car. instead, they chose a more pragmatic term that cuts through the upper crust horseshit -Cargo.