words and photos by leo dijkstra

photo taken from a brochure of a Fiat Dino. From 1971. So from the same era as the picture with the small family cars.
I guess it started with peering through the driver's window to catch a glimpse of the speedo. Standing on our toes, I must have been 6 or so, hoping to find a round dial instead of the strip speedos typical for the slower and older cars. The game we played was to find the fastest car parked at the square in front of the apartment buildings where we lived. We knew the speedos were optimistic and not a true reflection of the actual top speed. So we subtracted 40 and compared car models. 


words and photos by felix page

Keeping up your enthusiasm for a classic car can be difficult over winter, with conditions not always favourable.  If you're using your car everyday, then it can become a chore to de-ice the windscreen in the morning and if it's dark and wet when you leave work, suddenly taking the long way home loses its appeal.  As for DIY maintenance, the daylight hours are significantly reduced and cutting cold knuckles always seems to hurt more.  But perhaps the weather I experience in the UK is simply not cold enough?