words and photos by steven wade

My wife and I planned a 2-week road trip up the east coast of Australia for September/October 2013. We live in Hobart, the capital of the island state of Tasmania, to the south of the Australian mainland. Our plan was to drive from the southernmost mainland capital - Melbourne - and follow the coast as far as Newcastle with an inland detour to our national capital, Canberra, along the way.


story by christian chazalon photos by philippe delaporte

He offered to buy the island where he was staying on holiday in the Bahamas for USD$425 million in 1979. His dynasty had no less than 17 banks and insurance companies, a 90% ownership in the nation’s third largest insurance company, 8 mining companies, 43 food companies, 25 metal enterprises, 10 building material and 45 construction companies...I could go on. 


edited by leo dijkstra photos and story by peggy larson

Editor's note: 
Here's a story about a Peggy who caught the Porsche bug early on; and a bit of yellow fever to go with that, which she's still not been able to cure. I loved working on this story as Peggy takes us through nearly forty years of Porsches and more. And I even found a link in there to me being Dutch and my favourite garage footwear. Let's see if you can spot that one also. Enjoy!


words by pablo deferrari renderings by emil baddal

While looking at Emil’s renderings of his visionary 928 for the future, something clicked in my head; the 928 still has a tight grip on the soul of many passionate artists still capable of capturing their imagination nearly 20 years after its death. Could the 914 make such a claim? How about 356? I haven’t come across any artist that use either of the two as Porsches fit for a re-introduction into the modern world. None. Why?