words and images by derek mccallister 

the result of a failed head gasket on a 924
There seems to be an interesting trend I am seeing among the exotic car world right now which is that Lamborghini and Ferrari cars, vintage years specifically, are well on the rise.  On top of this, the 911 has gone up in value, and so have many other sought after and obscure Porsche cars with a following (914/928, etc).  

The recent market price of exotics are causing the cars to leave the grasp of many of us who dreamed of them, pushing them into the hands of those who have a lot of money to throw around; concurrently,  the entry level exotics are also approaching the higher inventory prices.  I have recently been watching Jalpas, Urracos, 308s, and 348s increasing in cost.  To be more specific, I recently watched a Jalpa sell for over $110,000, which you could have easily bought a Diablo for years ago when the market was tame.  Years prior, the Jalpa was selling in the $40-50k range.


el jefe

"...she was very tight. I slipped it in even further. Her grip was unbelievable. As I rammed it in I suddenly got a stitch in my side, a terrible burning pain, but I continued. I was slicing her in half, right up the backbone. I roared like a madman and came."

it was at that exact moment, for reasons unknown, when the Rothman's limited edition 944 flashed in front of my mind's eye. it's the cross I bear I suppose; my obsession with Porsche history is such that random vignettes of it suddenly appear at the oddest moments—like this one; while reading the exploits of Bukowski in his book entitled Women.


words by Robert Turner

Brand loyalty. What every company hopes you have. They love this concept. Why? Big profits. It can be a status symbol like Louis Vuitton or Tory Burch or something simple like your basic “double no-whip-no-foam, skinny pumpkin latte” from Starbucks that you always order. We love what we love.