words by pablo deferrari photos by andrey volkov

Andrey has been to Mecca, no, really he has. But I want you to consider one thing; let's pretend for a moment to bar all prejudices, if you have any. I don't care if you love 928s and despise 914s, or have a thang for 911s and could care less if the 924 even existed. The 911 turning 50 is an incredible testament to its design and Porsche's commitment to the evolution of its cars...and the museum is celebrating the fact. More importantly, it's because of our water-cooled models that the 911 could afford to continue on...


story by leo dijkstra photos by sertaç erkin

"I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself."

Ferdinand Porsche took things into his own hands. It is this spirit that lives on in Porsche fans, not least in the flüssig crowd.

And a little inspiration goes a long way; literally, in this case. All the way to Turkey, when Koray Bozunoðððğullari could not find quite the tour he dreamed of—and created it himself.


story by pablo deferrari photos by casey putsch

I don’t know Casey personally, but I do know one thing pretty well, he’s an old soul.

Maybe his life tour began on December of 1859 as the legendary pointillist Georges-Pierre Seurat, kick starting modern art by initiating neo-impressionism. Shortly after leaving that body in 1891, Casey came back into the swing as the fiercely courageous driver, Tazio Nuvolari in 1892. Then the trail goes cold since shedding Nuvolari’s skin in August of 1953 but after a brief sabbatical, he comes back decades later as Casey Putsch. This all begins to make perfect sense because here he is, in the 21st century mixing the two talents of previous lives to become what he is today. But he chalks up another talent in this go around…a builder of legendary racing machines.