Seth Ruden

What is there left to say about this cult-car that hasn’t been said? That it isn’t competitive in racing 30 years later? That its look and aesthetic hasn’t stood the test of time? That it’s technology wasn’t cutting edge and doesn’t hold up compared to the drivability of new cars? Or have you already written off every single question, and now expect a puff piece about how the 951 still measures up, three decades later. It became a feel good anthem to the merits of an overachiever, punching above its weight from a humble origin, that had finally come of age during the time of West End Girls by the Pet Shop Boys. 


el jefe

they skimmed it.

those sonsofbitches.

why even bother writing a goddamn book on the Grande Dame and not dedicate at least a chapter to the Weissach Edition? apparently she was only worth a few half-assed sentences peppered with an option code, the color, and that it came with some luggage.

what a disgrace.