Noah Walt

Up at first break
Coffee? Yeah.

Left shoe on left foot
Dirty Martini cap to head

Check the dipstick
Top the oil
Seatbelt on hip
Let’s split.

Mechanical tick of two litre iron block
Purring far better than most people would give credit

“38 years old”
But this car will rise to the occasion

1st & 2nd gear gets us rolling…
3rd and now we are sailing
AFM inhaling

Narrow rubber rolling on 14s.
Could this be the nimblest of them all?
Who knows?


4th gear and now we’re talking
Momentum makes angels of these cars.

Noah Walt

Such a trashy li'l thing. 

Nothing you like more than to be flung... or to be in a fling. Isn't that the truth?

You do it so well you make the others dizzy. Confused. Crazy. Mad.


Nick Blouin

There are several hard and fast rules that should be followed prior to purchasing a Porsche 928. Drive several examples to become familiar with the different variations of the model. Don’t become ‘emotionally’ attached to the first car that you see. Ensure that the car has a good service history. Have a qualified 928 mechanic perform a thorough pre-purchase inspection. If the prospective buyer follows these rules, they should be on the road to an enjoyable 928 ownership experience. 

I followed precisely zero of these rules when purchasing my 1984 928S.


el jefe

any thoughts on a 1984 944 with an auto transmission? all services have been done. I'm thinking about buying but I don't know much about the auto trans.



el jefe


I have a little money saved for my first Porsche. For every day short drives and monthly longer 6 hour drives. Which is the most fun 2.5 (normally aspirated) early or late, S or S2? Or maybe  a 220hp Turbo? In the UK the S seems quite good value, but is an S2 more fun? What about 924 S?

Do you prefer the peaky delivery of the S to the S2? Are the S2 brakes much better, because they seem a bit more expensive to repair?

I quite like the looks of the S compared to the S2, but some days I prefer the S2. Are the 16 valves more fun than the turbos on a winding road? 

Can the S brakes be upgraded, or are they good enough as standard. The S seems a bit underrated. I think one of the reviews said that the press car hadn't had enough miles to bed in, so the early reviews were bad.

I like cars that you can rev until they scream, to as high an rpm as possible, so I guess the S might be the one?


Francesco Tiepolo

It all began with the usual chat.

"Porsches are the strongest." 

"No, you don’t know what you’re talking about; Ferraris are the strongest.

Porsches might be strong on the track and in rallies, but Ferrari's 0-100km/h times, Ferrari 's max speed..." On and on it goes.

Then comes the idea; a challenge on track. 


el jefe

© Porsche AG
"hey James, check these phone dials out."

"Oh yea...they're quite small, 15s right?"

"what's this "quite" shit? I hear it on TV, radio, and now from you. "quite this, quite that, oh and isn't this quite lovely"...is speaking Her Majesty's English some sort of phase or are you just trying to sound sophisticated? putting sentences on doilies makes you sound like a jerk-off."

"Perhaps you need some alone time..."


el jefe

"Dick who?"

behind the scenes was a genius. Porsche's design Chief Tony Lapine had a secret weapon on his hands. aside from 928 designer Wolfgang Möbius and 924 stylist Harm Legaaij, one man helped make the icons sing both physically and visually — Dick Söderberg.


Antonio Kawage — papa elfer

editor's note:  few of our readers know how flüssig burst into being. even fewer still know how your editor went from being an air-cooled 911 elitist to  a passionate polygamist for early water-cooled Porsches. Antonio Kawage, of r-elfer, a site celebrating race inspired early 911s, wanted to find out more about this violent conversion and how it developed into a magazine devoted to a much maligned and misunderstood breed he enjoys pushing in people's faces.


el jefe

the barrel's spun. four of the six chambers are live. the chances of coming outta this one are slim.

we each take turns. me, then Seth and Derek followed by Jae. 

decals. art on the decals. simple and abstract sketches of what best personifies the flüssig fab 4. we're all taking stabs, verbally, at concepts. then Jae pushes the words aside and lets his art do the talking.