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I have been a bad boy. It’s been so long since I have put finger to keyboard for something other than a business email, market positioning statement, something related to the buying and selling of a house or working tirelessly to get a recent college graduate his first job that I barely remember what I should be writing about. Oh yeah…cars or something.

Or something. 
Psssst…don’t tell the PCA but I am Porsche-less. Just renewed my membership too. But it was before the aforementioned Porsche-less part. Just traded in our 2005 Cayenne V6 on a 2015 Jeep Cherokee. Fact is, being Two Thousand dollar’ed to death got really old. It seemed that every time I filled it up with premium gas, that beautiful Lapis Blue 955 (or Porsche Code for Cayenne) broke something or the other. Yeah, something or the other - like all the time. I had thousands of unintended dollars in that damn beautiful Lapis Blue thing.

It got so bad, my local shop (who I have been incredibly loyal too and has been incredibly loyal to me) took pity on me and actually did some free stuff to it in order to help me sell it. Yeah even they felt bad that the beautiful damn Lapis Blue thing-a-ma-bob kept breaking down. So just to reiterate I traded in the beautiful Lapis damn Blue 4-wheeled excuse for a Porsche. Good riddance I say!

"I am not too picky on colors, but no Green, Purple or Burgundy variations."

So what is it like being Porsche-less? Well…it feels strange. You know…Porsche-less. Does that mean I will sell my Mini Cooper GP? Nope. But it does means that I will be thinking about what my next Porsche will be. Fact is, I think about it all the time. But being Porsche-less, I have a bit of freedom about my next automotive purchase. It means I could go Mustang GT350 or maybe Jaguar Type F. You know, the one with the REALLY LOUD EXHAUST. Or how about an Audi R8 or maybe a Corvette C7 Z06? I have a thing for really loud V8 motors. But who doesn’t? 
But those all seem slightly unobtainable. Really if I am frank with myself, those would have to wait until I get my youngest out of college. So How Soon is NOW (sorry bad The Smiths reference)? Well I will not “go to a club on my own, leave on my own, go home and cry and want to die” (sorry more The Smith’s reference). Actually I figure I could swing something less expensive, less blingy - something very 968 like. So thanks to YouTube I recently watched all the bad 90’s reviews from the likes of Clarkson (he liked the Nis-San 300 zed better) and Motor Authority (they liked it well enough) along with a 968CS taking on the Nurburgring (it seemed pretty slow compared to more modern cars). But I still like it. I still want one. And of course it opened up an extra-large can of nostalgia. I regret selling the 1993 Slate Gray 968 several years ago. Wish I still had it. The guy that bought it (from some place in FL) got a great deal on a great car. Fact is I sell most of my Porsches way before their time. Except for the damn Cayenne.

So I have been looking. Waiting for the perfect 968 to come available. It would have to be a Coupe with 6-Speed, M030, 220, 383 and 387. Yeah just the basics. I am not too picky on colors, but no Green, Purple or Burgundy variations. Yeah a 968 just feels right. And I am sure if you are reading this you will probably agree too.  Fact is, I do not want to stay Porsche-less too long. My wife may get used to it. 

And on that exhaust note, I better get back to my 968 search. See ya!
Robert Turner is the author of The Driver, a series of six novels your editor in chief finds intoxicatingly engaging and superbly written; Book I— Decision and Book II— Training are currently available hereHe also has a blog entitled My Life with Porsches. Robert can be contacted at



Jeff Miller
11/06/2016 18:36

If you come across an Amethyst or Cobalt that you don't want, pass the info along to me. Very hard to find nice 968 coupes.


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