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"We get quite a few emails asking about Porsche part numbers and what they mean. The eleven digit numbers can be a bit of a mystery and knowing what they mean can be a big help when trying to track down that replacement part you need for your prize possession. Disclaimer: This is just a guide and should be used as such. Like every set of rules there are always exception and Porsche are famous breaking its own rules."

editor's note:

our comrade in the UK, Peter Bell of P101TV —The Independent Porsche Channel, has put together a great little primer on Porsche part numbers and what each group of numbers mean. I'll tell ya, if you don't already know all about this, Peter's guide will prove to be indispensable. check out his link below...



intro by pablo deferrari article by peter bell of P101TV

I clay barred the 993 for the first time last weekend. Never really knew what it was all about, so I decided to experiment with it. Let me tell you, it's like those strips one puts across their nose to remove blackheads, you won't believe the shit this lump of clay picks up.

I found a kit at the local Wal-Mart in the car cleaning aisle amidst the smell of onions from filthy arm pits and flatulence from the damaged patrons around me. As evident from the packaging, it comes with two clay bars and a spray to lubricate the paint (beer works just as well), so they make it really easy...even a bumbling idiot can do it.

Anyway, before clay barring (after you've washed the car), run your hands across the paint. Then run your hands over a spot you just clayed and the difference will amaze you...smooooth paint ready for wax.

It'll even bring out your creative side, I was making clay figurines with large dicks towards the end. Yeh, it's childish..but you need to laugh before the waxing begins because that part sucks.

Follow the link below to Peter Bell's "how to clay bar your Porsche" article over at'll be hooked!


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I just had a nice chat with Peter Bell of Haven't heard of it? RIght, then, here's the "get a clue" portion of flüssig...