Noah Walt

Wilson, the well used and some times abused naturally aspirated 944 is in the shop for some mods and as a correspondent of flüssig magazine I gotta write about something… might as well write about what I love.

Join me in the following interview.


Noah Walt

Nothing wrong with me

Take your conversions elsewhere

I was cool and really doing it before you came along

With all your bright ideas

So fuck you and your 5 lug hubs.
…and remove that stereo and those subs.

Please disrobe me of your…ungodly seat covers,
Your steering wheel covers,
and your steel wheel covers.

I don’t need any help in the looks department
Thank you very much.
Was doing just fine before your personal touch.

Geez, everyone’s talking about 5 speed conversions
And everyone says you need to lower your suspension
And everyone thinks I need to up the compression
And the… never mind.
It’s all obsession.

Noah Walt

Such a trashy li'l thing. 

Nothing you like more than to be flung... or to be in a fling. Isn't that the truth?

You do it so well you make the others dizzy. Confused. Crazy. Mad.