story by pablo deferrari photos by gavin arnold

Just look at the beautiful job these guys do.
Read that title again.

Now, remember it and keep it deep within the folds of your brain because the next time you see a 924, 928, or 944 abandoned in someone's driveway, or being offered at a ridiculously low price, you'll know better than to pass it up.


story and photo by gavin arnold

I had always been a car man.

You know the type. From the 8 year old with the compulsion to identify every car, to a teen with oily fingers right up into becoming a young chap with far too many and far too random cars.

I discovered my love for German metal produced during a specific period early on—and I proceeded to own most of them. Porsche really got under my skin though, and I’ve enjoyed some bliss years with them. It wasn’t long after turning 30 that I began to distance myself from cars a bit and started enjoying other things in life. I found a good lady, relocated, and then the inevitable happened...

I got thinking about Porsches.