by charles navarro of LN engineering

editor’s note

We’re very grateful to Charles Navarro of LN engineering for letting flüssig re-publish his article on the very sticky subject of oil.

Although this article has the air-cooled engine concerns in mind, it’s very relevant for the flat tappet engines of the 924/928/944/968 series Porsches or any high performance engine.

I spoke with Charles after I had read his article and was surprised to actually speak with not only the author himself, but the owner of a very busy enterprise. I had lots of questions and concerns, and you know what? Charles, not knowing me from a hole in the wall, took his time with me making sure that I was satisfied with his responses and clear on any doubt that I may have had.

What a gentleman. I could be a real pain in the ass on subjects like this, yet he just took his sweet old time with me.

Charles is most famous in the water-cooled Porsche community for his retro-fit kit concerning the IMS bearing issue that plagues the M96/97 engines found in Boxsters (986/987) and 911s (996/997). And if you know the severity of this particular issue, it’s no joke to the owners of these cars. The man knows his business and takes his craft very seriously.

Check out his company’s website at: http://www.lnengineering.com/

Grab a brew, find a quiet place, and enjoy the article-


editor in chief