Shawn Stanford

I don't recall the bass line or the drum beat, but I remember the melody...

Back in the dark ages, an actual print magazine (remember those?) - probably 'Car&Driver' - asked readers to send in suggestions for music to listen to while driving. I don't remember any response but one, where some genius wrote in to say:

"Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' while driving at night between cities, very fast."


Stig Bjerke

"So you're a young car enthusiast and you want a classic sports car, something you can drive everyday, but you don't wanna spend a metric fuck-ton of money? Well, you're in luck! I 've got just the ride for you; a watercooled, front-engined Porsche — specifically, a 944. 

Nope, it doesn't have an engine out of a VW van, it's a proper, bona fide Porsche — and there's a bunch of models to chose from."


Rob Turner

I have been a bad boy. It’s been so long since I have put finger to keyboard for something other than a business email, market positioning statement, something related to the buying and selling of a house or working tirelessly to get a recent college graduate his first job that I barely remember what I should be writing about. Oh yeah…cars or something.

Or something. 


bert bouwknegt

took a pill in Austria
To show Mozart I was cool
And when I finally got sober, felt 10 years older
But fuck it, it was something to do
I'm living out in Holland
I drive a Porsche just to prove
I'm a real big baller cause I made a few dollars
And I spend it on wheels and shoes

Lyrics based on: Mike Posner’s "I took a pill in Ibiza"

el jefe

Eyes as fresh 
as when she was 
from the factory's gates. 

Every book, 
every tag, 
every single piece of paper is 
and looking as if freshly printed. 

If you punched 1983 into your 
imaginary time travel 
machine's keyboard and asked to be 
taken to Continental Imports in Joplin, 
to see this 928, 
your time would've been 

*photography by Clint Davis ©

el jefe

warm chocolate invites you 
to ease into her taut leather seat, 
hook your left thumb around 
the steering wheel's spoke, 
and rest the palm of your right hand on 
the shift knob. 

when was the last time you 
remembered what the ridges of the threads 
holding the hides together 
felt like? 
had memory robbed what unworn leather 
felt like? 

the eyes take snapshots of the 
rear window defogger knob, 
the embroidered Porsche script on the 
passenger side floor mat. 

as the fingertips of your hand 
slides across the dash in 
you realize two things; 
your sense of taste is being 
and your sense of 
is about to be 

*photography by Clint Davis ©

Noah Walt

Wilson, the well used and some times abused naturally aspirated 944 is in the shop for some mods and as a correspondent of flüssig magazine I gotta write about something… might as well write about what I love.

Join me in the following interview.


Noah Walt

Nothing wrong with me

Take your conversions elsewhere

I was cool and really doing it before you came along

With all your bright ideas

So fuck you and your 5 lug hubs.
…and remove that stereo and those subs.

Please disrobe me of your…ungodly seat covers,
Your steering wheel covers,
and your steel wheel covers.

I don’t need any help in the looks department
Thank you very much.
Was doing just fine before your personal touch.

Geez, everyone’s talking about 5 speed conversions
And everyone says you need to lower your suspension
And everyone thinks I need to up the compression
And the… never mind.
It’s all obsession.

João Silva

Everybody has their own way of loving Porsches. Mine? Track days!

From the start, Porsches were designed to be sports cars that you can use daily. That means they’re built to play rough and to be driven fast aggressive. They aren’t the best sports cars in the world or make the best daily drivers, but when it comes to enjoying two different sides of the moon, they can’t be beat. The 911, Boxster, Cayenne…all of them share this DNA from the first sketch.

So after getting my first Porsche, a 944 NA, and bringing it back to life, I began getting serious about looking for what would be my first track day experience. As it happened, the local Porsche Club was planning one. What better place to make our debut than being surrendered by all his family?


el jefe

the Dunlops roared over the
rumble strips
on the right
then the left
out of third, into fourth
through the kink
the Tertre Rouge spit
the 924 out into the longest
minute and 25 seconds.

she begs for
begs for Ligne Droite des Hunaudières

checking the gauges
adjusting the posture
stretching the thumbs
the scent of her blond curls
more intense than her grip,
than her nails digging into to my shoulders
as her thrusts meet mine…

muscles tighten
the café
the group of trees
the little hump before the
Mulsanne kink
will be the only warning

image: Mulsanne Straight 1971 #2