robert turner

One of my favorite things to do on the web is to go into a car company’s web site, head straight to their configurator and build something. Sometimes it will be a stripper, just the basic car to see how cheap I can build it. And more times than not, I go all in adding every option to see how far I can take it to the other extreme. I try different colors, different interiors, different wheels and I spare no expense on the performance options. If you are going to build something, you may as well go big. Right?


e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

I'm designing a lounge inspired by the most early Porsche cars for myself.

There are so many elements to these cars.. but I'm resisting taking them literally. I'm trying to create a lounge Professor Porsche would approve of. It's to be 1930s simple but Porsche too. It's a real challenge. I need critical opinions.




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e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

"alright...let me speak with your manager; this is ridiculous."

I'm a confident motherfucker, but I can see how this was going to problem for me...I was visually outclassed. I shrank a bit.

"Yes, I'm the manager, is there a problem?"

no good morning, no handshake, no offer to come sit in her office to discuss the matter; only a puff of stale coffee breath arrived with her terse question. I could tell by the slight quiver in her voice and hands folded low across her front this broad was uptight. I knew her tragedy, she hadn't been gone down on in a long while; maybe never.


derek mccallister

I truly enjoy sharing my adventures in my 931 with other people.  I enjoy taking them on drives, going on errands, hitting backroads. It puts a smile on my face; sharing the experiences with others makes it that much more special.  It’s been an interesting adventure with this car; I truly love it.

Every now and then you run into someone who enjoys the adventure as much as you; and that’s when the inspiration hits to put it down in words.


e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

I was pulling out of the supermarket parking lot, inching my way across a small opening in a lane full of cars stopped for a light. as I poked my nose into the opposite lane, I was hypnotized.

this intense shade of green appeared. it took me surprise. it wiped my mind's worries clean off in one swipe replacing them with pleasant thoughts, the kind that involuntarily makes the corners of your mouth curl into a beaming smile. 

I got out of the 911 
went to the driver's side 
pulled the guy driving it out 
gave him a bear hug, ran 'round to the passenger side 
pulled his woman out 
and gave her a long tongue kiss.

goddamn what a color.


robert turner

Remember 2000? It was the start of a new decade and besides the dreaded Y2K debacle, the dot com bubble and a shit load of other stuff that happens when you stick a bunch of zero’s on the end of a number, things seemed pretty quiet in the world of Porsche. Think about it; they only had two cars. The Carrera, with its less than dozen variants, and the Boxster, which had: two. The automotive winds were changing, but if you visited the Porsche headquarters in Zuffenhausen, it was probably like a time warp. 


robert turner

the G-Force producing, smile inducing Cayman S...
Man, I was Boxster’ed out. Owned three of them. One Boxster and two Boxster S’s. Then when you throw in the 987 Cayman S that really adds up to four. Man…I am Boxster’ed out. I felt like I was in a funk. It seemed to me to be the same old, same old. How is that possible, I mean these are Porsches after all. 


words and shots by leo dijkstra

'Ear plugs?'

This is how the weekend started for me and my three friends Sander, Patrick, and Henk, when we gathered at my house for our yearly pilgrimage to Spa. To the 2014 Spa Six Hour Classic we go!


words and shots by el jefe

hang with us for a while and see how the sick motherfuckers do it...
I wanted to get this out while it’s still fresh.

certain things in life, I’m finally learning, come in stages. you don’t realize it when you’re in your teens because you’re too stupid and all you care to do is fornicate or masturbate your youth away in between managing your paper route and doing homework.

you can forget about your twenties because you’re doing much the same thing you did in your teens except this time you’re including alcohol and a few gateway drugs into the equation while pissing your money away at University and working as a busboy.

now your thirties…ah, that’s when you realized there were a few more gears under the palm of your hand when previously you thought first was the only one you needed. hopefully, you now understood that college wasn’t about grades, getting your whistle wet, or vomiting on the Dean’s car for laughs…it was about making connections and honing in on what completely engulfed your thoughts; a passion of sorts.


by peter bell

"We get quite a few emails asking about Porsche part numbers and what they mean. The eleven digit numbers can be a bit of a mystery and knowing what they mean can be a big help when trying to track down that replacement part you need for your prize possession. Disclaimer: This is just a guide and should be used as such. Like every set of rules there are always exception and Porsche are famous breaking its own rules."

editor's note:

our comrade in the UK, Peter Bell of P101TV —The Independent Porsche Channel, has put together a great little primer on Porsche part numbers and what each group of numbers mean. I'll tell ya, if you don't already know all about this, Peter's guide will prove to be indispensable. check out his link below...