Shawn Stanford

I don't recall the bass line or the drum beat, but I remember the melody...

Back in the dark ages, an actual print magazine (remember those?) - probably 'Car&Driver' - asked readers to send in suggestions for music to listen to while driving. I don't remember any response but one, where some genius wrote in to say:

"Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' while driving at night between cities, very fast."


el jefe


I have a little money saved for my first Porsche. For every day short drives and monthly longer 6 hour drives. Which is the most fun 2.5 (normally aspirated) early or late, S or S2? Or maybe  a 220hp Turbo? In the UK the S seems quite good value, but is an S2 more fun? What about 924 S?

Do you prefer the peaky delivery of the S to the S2? Are the S2 brakes much better, because they seem a bit more expensive to repair?

I quite like the looks of the S compared to the S2, but some days I prefer the S2. Are the 16 valves more fun than the turbos on a winding road? 

Can the S brakes be upgraded, or are they good enough as standard. The S seems a bit underrated. I think one of the reviews said that the press car hadn't had enough miles to bed in, so the early reviews were bad.

I like cars that you can rev until they scream, to as high an rpm as possible, so I guess the S might be the one?


Francesco Tiepolo

It all began with the usual chat.

"Porsches are the strongest." 

"No, you don’t know what you’re talking about; Ferraris are the strongest.

Porsches might be strong on the track and in rallies, but Ferrari's 0-100km/h times, Ferrari 's max speed..." On and on it goes.

Then comes the idea; a challenge on track. 


el jefe

"Dick who?"

behind the scenes was a genius. Porsche's design Chief Tony Lapine had a secret weapon on his hands. aside from 928 designer Wolfgang Möbius and 924 stylist Harm Legaaij, one man helped make the icons sing both physically and visually — Dick Söderberg.


e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

“luuk, luuk, luuk — luuk a tha!”

“yep, I know; I see it Lou…that’s an ’89 or ‘90.” I said.

“wha da fok e yoo toking bout, 89-90!?!”

Lou, a friend from Andalucia, is an intense guy that’s easily agitated when you miss his point.

“wassa matta with yoo? I not toking bout de foking Porch, hombre, I’n luuking at de pooosy!”

“oh her? shit…her ass is flat, man. I’m more interested in that S2 that drove by.”

“you know, a gurl with a flat aass yooshooally have a nice Veenus…”

here we go… I laughed and shook my head knowing this motherfucker was about to wax on about pussy like I do about Porsches. he’s a passionate fellow, and I love that about him, so I let him philosophize on women with flat asses — I’d have my turn about S2s and their rear spoilers.


e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

the stars knew
they knew exactly where to be to
flatter her.
there was enough light in the pitch black
to see the curves flowing around her
hips and shoulders.
everything else was out of focus.




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e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

"alright...let me speak with your manager; this is ridiculous."

I'm a confident motherfucker, but I can see how this was going to problem for me...I was visually outclassed. I shrank a bit.

"Yes, I'm the manager, is there a problem?"

no good morning, no handshake, no offer to come sit in her office to discuss the matter; only a puff of stale coffee breath arrived with her terse question. I could tell by the slight quiver in her voice and hands folded low across her front this broad was uptight. I knew her tragedy, she hadn't been gone down on in a long while; maybe never.


derek mccallister

I truly enjoy sharing my adventures in my 931 with other people.  I enjoy taking them on drives, going on errands, hitting backroads. It puts a smile on my face; sharing the experiences with others makes it that much more special.  It’s been an interesting adventure with this car; I truly love it.

Every now and then you run into someone who enjoys the adventure as much as you; and that’s when the inspiration hits to put it down in words.


e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶


e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

I was pulling out of the supermarket parking lot, inching my way across a small opening in a lane full of cars stopped for a light. as I poked my nose into the opposite lane, I was hypnotized.

this intense shade of green appeared. it took me surprise. it wiped my mind's worries clean off in one swipe replacing them with pleasant thoughts, the kind that involuntarily makes the corners of your mouth curl into a beaming smile. 

I got out of the 911 
went to the driver's side 
pulled the guy driving it out 
gave him a bear hug, ran 'round to the passenger side 
pulled his woman out 
and gave her a long tongue kiss.

goddamn what a color.