Shawn Stanford

I don't recall the bass line or the drum beat, but I remember the melody...

Back in the dark ages, an actual print magazine (remember those?) - probably 'Car&Driver' - asked readers to send in suggestions for music to listen to while driving. I don't remember any response but one, where some genius wrote in to say:

"Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' while driving at night between cities, very fast."


Stig Bjerke

"So you're a young car enthusiast and you want a classic sports car, something you can drive everyday, but you don't wanna spend a metric fuck-ton of money? Well, you're in luck! I 've got just the ride for you; a watercooled, front-engined Porsche — specifically, a 944. 

Nope, it doesn't have an engine out of a VW van, it's a proper, bona fide Porsche — and there's a bunch of models to chose from."


el jefe

Eyes as fresh 
as when she was 
from the factory's gates. 

Every book, 
every tag, 
every single piece of paper is 
and looking as if freshly printed. 

If you punched 1983 into your 
imaginary time travel 
machine's keyboard and asked to be 
taken to Continental Imports in Joplin, 
to see this 928, 
your time would've been 

*photography by Clint Davis ©

el jefe

warm chocolate invites you 
to ease into her taut leather seat, 
hook your left thumb around 
the steering wheel's spoke, 
and rest the palm of your right hand on 
the shift knob. 

when was the last time you 
remembered what the ridges of the threads 
holding the hides together 
felt like? 
had memory robbed what unworn leather 
felt like? 

the eyes take snapshots of the 
rear window defogger knob, 
the embroidered Porsche script on the 
passenger side floor mat. 

as the fingertips of your hand 
slides across the dash in 
you realize two things; 
your sense of taste is being 
and your sense of 
is about to be 

*photography by Clint Davis ©

Nick Blouin

There are several hard and fast rules that should be followed prior to purchasing a Porsche 928. Drive several examples to become familiar with the different variations of the model. Don’t become ‘emotionally’ attached to the first car that you see. Ensure that the car has a good service history. Have a qualified 928 mechanic perform a thorough pre-purchase inspection. If the prospective buyer follows these rules, they should be on the road to an enjoyable 928 ownership experience. 

I followed precisely zero of these rules when purchasing my 1984 928S.


Francesco Tiepolo

It all began with the usual chat.

"Porsches are the strongest." 

"No, you don’t know what you’re talking about; Ferraris are the strongest.

Porsches might be strong on the track and in rallies, but Ferrari's 0-100km/h times, Ferrari 's max speed..." On and on it goes.

Then comes the idea; a challenge on track. 


Antonio Kawage — papa elfer

editor's note:  few of our readers know how flüssig burst into being. even fewer still know how your editor went from being an air-cooled 911 elitist to  a passionate polygamist for early water-cooled Porsches. Antonio Kawage, of r-elfer, a site celebrating race inspired early 911s, wanted to find out more about this violent conversion and how it developed into a magazine devoted to a much maligned and misunderstood breed he enjoys pushing in people's faces.


el jefe

the barrel's spun. four of the six chambers are live. the chances of coming outta this one are slim.

we each take turns. me, then Seth and Derek followed by Jae. 

decals. art on the decals. simple and abstract sketches of what best personifies the flüssig fab 4. we're all taking stabs, verbally, at concepts. then Jae pushes the words aside and lets his art do the talking.



rob turner

We take so many things for granted. That our car will start or the garage door opener will work when the button is pressed. That fuel will be more gas than water and our favorite fast food venue will get our complex no raw onions, extra crispy bacon order just right. Well, right more times than not.


el jefe


"not on your life!" 

"I've no choice, it was a mandatory requirement."

"fuck you, leave them on...I LIKE them!"

we tend, or prefer, to forget that Porsches have split personalities; exquisitely sophisticated women who can go from dancing a tango to pulling eight plugs out of an M28.01 engine. most can only see them as ceremonial playthings preferring to pamper rather than unleash the restless tomboy she occasionally wants to be. but what good is a woman who doesn't like to get down and dirty with her man?