marc lange

Hello there,

The kind folks at Flussig Magazine invited me to do a series on guest columns about the life of an American living in Europe trying to make a living as a race car driver. But for me, personally, it is more than that. My wise father (funny to note he gets a little bit wiser with each passing year, or maybe it’s that I listen a bit more closely…sometimes it’s hard to tell) said to me that if I am really, really lucky I can make a living driving a race car. He is a very successful business man so he probably has the ‘making a living’ part down pretty good. But he also told me that many racers have tried and failed to own and manage a team while driving. I must have missed that last part (see comment above about listening closely), because I have been busting my arse (what the Brits call ass) over here in the UK, trying to make the fledgling racing outfit I co-own, Team Technik, a winning force to be reckoned with in the GT3 racing world.


el jefe

#flüssig4facts begins with the 1976 Porsche 924.

each of the four shots will have one detail about the '76 924.

1/4 - 924 production begins in February of 1976 with a total of 5,145 units made before summer holidays (mid June - late July) that year.