images by Jerry Forthofer

editor's note:

it's very rare to see any documentation of the 944's birth place in Neckarsulm. were it not for an enthusiast by the name Jerry Forthofer who's captured such an important moment in history to share with the rest of us, we'd always wonder what went on behind the curtain. I've reached out to Jerry to ask for his permission to re-post these images here for the rest of us to see—we're very grateful for his generosity. Thank you, Jerry.




el jefe

the engine bay of the V3 with the 5 liter 928 lump between its bulging shoulders.
I would go so far as to say that one of the most interesting aspects of producing a new Porsche lies in the rolling test beds in which the running gear is proven. this, I gather, must be the fun part for the engineers as the donor car must be selected, then stripped of its existing gear to accommodate the new, requiring gussets, brackets, and frames to be welded onto the former car's skeleton so that the fit is somewhat seamless. 

the lucky person is he who is given a stipend, a pat on the shoulder, and told to run along and comb the used car lots around the Sudetenland for a specific donor...this time, it would be an Audi 100 Coupé.


el jefe

photos of a 968 in prototypical stages are difficult to come by, so when we see one devoid of it's scalp, it's cause for one to sit up, clean the spectacles, and pay attention.


words by pablo deferrari

we may never see five of these 924 prototypes in the flesh, seeing the sixth one is a possibility if you so choose to visit her at the Porsche museum. these cars are legends in their own right claiming a very important moment in Porsche history that would set the tone for the Marque's future generations; this is precisely why I chose to commit them to memory.


el jefe

last week, I wrote about the birth of the 928 where I briefly mentioned how before Dr. Fuhrmann took the helm at Porsche, Herr Bott and his engineers were busy that summer working on various concepts concerning engine placement for future Porsches. they based their trajectory on forty different criteria before settling on what would become the optimal solution which would become the basis for the 928 in an engineering drawing labeled "Programm K." but there was a program before this one that's seldom mentioned, done before Dr. Fuhrmann even took office on the 12th of May, 1971; "Programm H."