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make: porsche
model: 924
year: 1980
mileage: 205,000km
price: USD$10,740
location: argentina
There was a point in my life where I wanted to chuck it all away and live a simple existence. I had lived on a 32 foot sailboat with the intent to circumnavigate the globe with a friend.  I knew enough to hop freight trains to crisscross the country and see America through the back door. I though it Romantic but my wife didn't dig the risk of being an amputee traveling this way.


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I enthusiastically talk about my Porsche projects with friends, clients and strangers alike. I show lots of pictures and yammer on about swap meets and auctions, cruises and tours, track days and club racing, and all things Porsche. I have branded apparel, decals, business cards and stationary. I run a full-blown rescue, restoration and racing operation. I eat, sleep and breathe 944s. My enthusiasm is contagious and people often find themselves wrapped up in the emotion that I bring to the table.






by charles navarro of LN engineering

editor’s note

We’re very grateful to Charles Navarro of LN engineering for letting flüssig re-publish his article on the very sticky subject of oil.

Although this article has the air-cooled engine concerns in mind, it’s very relevant for the flat tappet engines of the 924/928/944/968 series Porsches or any high performance engine.

I spoke with Charles after I had read his article and was surprised to actually speak with not only the author himself, but the owner of a very busy enterprise. I had lots of questions and concerns, and you know what? Charles, not knowing me from a hole in the wall, took his time with me making sure that I was satisfied with his responses and clear on any doubt that I may have had.

What a gentleman. I could be a real pain in the ass on subjects like this, yet he just took his sweet old time with me.

Charles is most famous in the water-cooled Porsche community for his retro-fit kit concerning the IMS bearing issue that plagues the M96/97 engines found in Boxsters (986/987) and 911s (996/997). And if you know the severity of this particular issue, it’s no joke to the owners of these cars. The man knows his business and takes his craft very seriously.

Check out his company’s website at:

Grab a brew, find a quiet place, and enjoy the article-


editor in chief


1979 Porsche 928...US$7000

story by pablo deferrari

I had a colleague tell me once how he was robbed at gunpoint. The perp approached him in the wee hours of the night while he was walking home; it was his first time in such a situation and it seems like it was the robber’s too. When he thrust his pistol out and stuttered out “ yo mmmmonney an’ yo wwwatttttch,”  he was shaking like a leaf and nervously farting with fear as he managed to deliver his demand. The assailant was clearly wet behind the ears.


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For some odd reason, I thought of Sir Richard Attenborough while I was at the grinder. Here I was as a result of facing a problem, pondering it for a bit, and then making a tool to overcome this's actually pretty amazing when you think about it. The fact that this innate ability harks back to very distant and different looking relatives is even more so.

Let me explain.


story by leo dijkstra (the dutch shark)
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Remember the final scene from the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Where the last independent human is identified by Donald Sutherland, who was just assimilated by the aliens. Are 928/944/924/968 drivers a similarly disappearing breed, heading for oblivion? Are we the last true humans lost among the Porsche 'Elfer' body snatchers? And what is it that exactly defines our water-cooled clan? Is there any such thing as a common identity?


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Racer’s Edge is a small company in TN that specializes in setting up suspensions for 944 type chassis for performance driving and club racing. We have been campaigning a 944 S2 in F stock over the last few years in PCA events and have done quite well against our competition, mostly 944 Turbos, 911 SC Euros, 911 Carreras, and progressed 911s from G class. Our last 6 races have resulted in 6 podiums with 2 fastest laps in class and 2 class poles. Campaigning a car with the worst power to weight ratio of any car in class has been a challenge, but our strong suit has been handling and when you can go through a corner faster than your competition, you can carry that advantage down the entire straight, and this has proven to be successful to date.


photos and story by pablo deferrari

So you have a fog lamp out on your 944; easy enough to fix. Two screws take the lens out, pull out the old bulb and pop the new one in. Bullshit.