rob turner

We take so many things for granted. That our car will start or the garage door opener will work when the button is pressed. That fuel will be more gas than water and our favorite fast food venue will get our complex no raw onions, extra crispy bacon order just right. Well, right more times than not.


el jefe


"not on your life!" 

"I've no choice, it was a mandatory requirement."

"fuck you, leave them on...I LIKE them!"

we tend, or prefer, to forget that Porsches have split personalities; exquisitely sophisticated women who can go from dancing a tango to pulling eight plugs out of an M28.01 engine. most can only see them as ceremonial playthings preferring to pamper rather than unleash the restless tomboy she occasionally wants to be. but what good is a woman who doesn't like to get down and dirty with her man?


robert turner

One of my favorite things to do on the web is to go into a car company’s web site, head straight to their configurator and build something. Sometimes it will be a stripper, just the basic car to see how cheap I can build it. And more times than not, I go all in adding every option to see how far I can take it to the other extreme. I try different colors, different interiors, different wheels and I spare no expense on the performance options. If you are going to build something, you may as well go big. Right?


paul celentano

00007 tail and driver's side
“He who hesitates is lost” the old proverb goes….and if you’ve played in this car game long enough, like I have, you should have learned how true that old saying is by now. 

Sometimes, though, it takes getting smacked in the head to remind yourself to go with your gut, do not pass go, do not collect $250 and just “buy” that little space that luck and fate landed you on.   So was the case with Chassis number 000007, possibly the oldest known 924 Turbo that I stumbled upon by accident in search of a parts car for the restoration of chassis #99. If you are looking for a happy ending here…stop reading now; otherwise, settle back and join in the frustration.


e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶ terrifying in fact that were it not for the taut muscles surrounding my o-ring, I'd've certainly expelled what little contents my bowels retained. these chaps, SHK-Fahrzeugtechnik, have built a 944 Turbo that embarrasses each and every Grand Dame flat six it sees on the track. the only thing stopping this car is a fucking meteor. WHAT a car...