words and shots by leo dijkstra

'Ear plugs?'

This is how the weekend started for me and my three friends Sander, Patrick, and Henk, when we gathered at my house for our yearly pilgrimage to Spa. To the 2014 Spa Six Hour Classic we go!


el jefe

"world record in reliability." former Porsche factory racing driver, Austrian Rudi Lins and Gerhard Plattner, a public relations manager for Porsche in Austria, decided to hold the 924 over the fire. for 12 months, they took a standard 924 and drove the absolute shit out of it covering some 80,000 kilometers...this sort of stunt was never done before.

now they didn't jump in and just set off into the sunset like a couple of tramps, no, they had a plan; they decided to follow Phileas Fogg's steps in which he, according to Jules Verne's book, he set off to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days on a £20,000 wager. these guys did this particular run in 28 days logging 22,313 kilometers on the clock...no major problems to report.


words and shots by el jefe

hang with us for a while and see how the sick motherfuckers do it...
I wanted to get this out while it’s still fresh.

certain things in life, I’m finally learning, come in stages. you don’t realize it when you’re in your teens because you’re too stupid and all you care to do is fornicate or masturbate your youth away in between managing your paper route and doing homework.

you can forget about your twenties because you’re doing much the same thing you did in your teens except this time you’re including alcohol and a few gateway drugs into the equation while pissing your money away at University and working as a busboy.

now your thirties…ah, that’s when you realized there were a few more gears under the palm of your hand when previously you thought first was the only one you needed. hopefully, you now understood that college wasn’t about grades, getting your whistle wet, or vomiting on the Dean’s car for laughs…it was about making connections and honing in on what completely engulfed your thoughts; a passion of sorts.


el jefe

I'm pretty pissed-off at the moment.

usually, my fuse is lit when I come across a horrible story regarding the treatment of animals, or the thousands of perfectly good dogs and cats euthanized because they're simply no longer desired; they've become a bother to someone and had to pay with their life because of it. but not tonight...

it's the 928's turn...


words by pablo deferrari

It began with mild curiosity.

My then-future wife already knew of my closed-minded, air-cooled superiority complex, but didn’t understand why I thought her 944S didn’t figure into my Porsche passion…then she took me for a ride.

I was hooked.

This car made me a believer; in fact, it was this very car that would inspire me to start a magazine called flüssig ten years later. 


words by pablo deferrari sketch by matt mariani

"I'm practicing, (old minerva blau) but all of my 20 year old markers were dry..."
I'm in a business that, like everything else, has succumbed to a much cleaner method of presenting an idea. these days, to rub the client between the front pockets means giving them a facsimile of the idea as it would look in a finished, sort of manufactured form. 

in lay terms, they prefer to skip the kissing and rubbing and just want you to shove it in and then leave the keys on the table when you're finished.


words by pablo deferrari

editor's note:

in light of some confusion over the 1988 924 S Special Edition, here's the article I wrote on this car for German Cars for Sale Blog. incidentally, the UK had their own version in 1988 called the "Le Mans" and the Spaniards had an even rarer one called the Spirit. they're considered by many as "Club Sports," but weren't officially recognized as such.

here's the link to the Spirit we did a few months back.


words and shots by andy mcculley

“Tubby” – the name my dad affectionately gave to his 1956 356 A. This is the pale yellow, bathtub shaped relic from the 1950’s that initiated my love for Porsche’s. My dad had owned the car since before I was born, and I first developed my love for it while I was still a toddler. It had such a quirky shape and was unique even among vintage cars. The design was simple; it didn’t have sidepipes, a low-slung stance, or even a big engine… but it had personality. 


words and shots by leo dijkstra

Man, what is it with this shark! I knew I went a bit against the adage 'Buy the best you can' with this P-car. Ahum, just a bit... But hey, it was black with tan seats, and had the Euro S with 310 galloping horses! I cannot resist that!?! But if my 928's quality is anything near the middle of the statistical bell-curve, then how on earth can there still be '70% of all Porsches ever made are still on the road'?! Or should that read '70% still upon a two post car lift with a frothing owner beneath it that is about to drop the #$%£¥ thing to the floor'.