e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

“luuk, luuk, luuk — luuk a tha!”

“yep, I know; I see it Lou…that’s an ’89 or ‘90.” I said.

“wha da fok e yoo toking bout, 89-90!?!”

Lou, a friend from Andalucia, is an intense guy that’s easily agitated when you miss his point.

“wassa matta with yoo? I not toking bout de foking Porch, hombre, I’n luuking at de pooosy!”

“oh her? shit…her ass is flat, man. I’m more interested in that S2 that drove by.”

“you know, a gurl with a flat aass yooshooally have a nice Veenus…”

here we go… I laughed and shook my head knowing this motherfucker was about to wax on about pussy like I do about Porsches. he’s a passionate fellow, and I love that about him, so I let him philosophize on women with flat asses — I’d have my turn about S2s and their rear spoilers.


igor duerloo

I’m aware that restoring the shark is a multi-annual plan but despite this knowledge there was some intense wrenching during the last few weeks and there was no way I could be moved an inch. This intense wrenching was done with this lady in mind…