I nearly pissed myself laughing. at first I thought this was some sort of Photoshop nonsense propeller heads do when they tire of playing Grand Theft Auto...but it wasn't; it was serious, this.


words by pablo deferrari

image: wikicars
I no longer believe in Santa Claus, or the tooth fairy. I do, however, have a suspicion that the Yeti, Big Foot, and even the Nessy the Lochness monster may still inhabit the Earth and breathe the same air I do. you may think there's no difference between all of the characters I've mentioned, they're all made up...but you'd be wrong. 


report by andrey volkoff

If you want to discuss ultra-rarity, you're looking at it.

It's not very often that we see a 928 here in Russia, an S4 at that. I came across this specimen in my travels and was lucky enough to speak with the owner who was short on time but was able to give me a little history on his car.