thought aloud by pablo deferrari

the M44/43 968 engine was, and still is, no joke. to put things into perspective, I've decided to pin this torque monster against the M64/01 engine of the 964 for a little provocative fun.


words by john nitz

editor's note:
If ever there was an early water-cooled Porsche geek, I'd have to give the title to John Nitz...and I'd like to introduce him to you.

Our newest member of the flüssig culture has been sharing his amazing discoveries of Dr. Fuhrmann's Wassergekühlt creations he comes across with us for a while now and we think it's about time you meet this Wunderkind.

We eagerly await his tasty barn-like finds as eager as he is to show them to you.

Welcome John!


late news by pablo deferrari

I clearly came late to the party...
for those of you who did too, 
here's the dirt on this stuff.
I had one can left, 
was about to go out to buy another 
to flush the brakes 
on the 911 
when I found out.

I called my supplier
and asked...

"hey Dick, how's it hanging?
I need a can of the Super
Blue shit."

"what kind of dildo are

he said.

"whadya mean?" I said.

"we don't carry it anymore,
it's illegal...but the Typ 200
is the same, come on down."

he said.

off I went...

luckily, the TYP 200 is the same shit, 
only it's amber...and miscible with the blue stuff.


words by pablo deferrari

the US-spec 1983-1984 928S...3 years too late.
three took one of the richest countries in the world to enjoy a beast of a 928 Europeans have been thrashing around since 1980...what the hell am I on about?

the 928S.


comment by pablo deferrari

this explains precisely why my knuckles are calloused, I need to shave every 35 minutes, and have a penchant to follow a vegan diet...oh, and people tend to cross to opposite side of the street when they see me coming.

call me an oaf, but I absolutely love the earliest of the species.


words by pablo deferrari

I'm not sure, but it seems that whenever Porsche needs a boost in sales, they announce a "special edition" model of any said 9-something.

well, as much as I'd like to think that the marketing department had their paws on this 1978 SE, it may also just be that Porsche wants the public to know that they've made a few subtle case they were missed by those with ADD.


words and photos by pablo deferrari

in a few moments from now, one of the most insipid pieces of writing I’ve produced will magically appear in people’s in-boxes from the Porsche Club of America’s weekly email newsletter, E-Brake.

I don’t know how this happened; at this point all I can take solace in is that every writer goes through this sort of thing. well, I dunno, what can you do?


letter from Morten Dahl Vestergaard


words and photos by pablo deferrari

I had a problem.

the gas tank on our 928 developed cracks. I wasn't surprised to find a 35 year old "ostrich," as it's know by old school techs, with stress cracks in the tight curves where it met the metal cradle it was suspended on...I could've cursed Porsche's engineers, but I praised them instead.


words and art by pablo deferrari

blitzkrieg art.

I never take more than an hour to create a piece that's rendered down to basic lines and hues. I love the impact this kind of approach gives; there's not too much detail for the eye to lose itself in because it's blunt and direct.

in a world where the average attention span is a few nanoseconds before being seduced by something else, I think this style is apropos.