words and images by hank rice

I bought an old '80 931 back in '05 for a project...it didn't run, but I was primarily interested in the idea of something different in appearance, but retaining the basic lines of the body and possibly a significant reduction in weight as well.

I thought of re-designing the roof line (which is still a thought for someday), but the idea of a true roadster (as opposed to a cabriolet) was more deserving in that it would be the most unique. some thorough investigation of the platform indicated what would need to be changed and upgraded to support the absence of the upper unibody and facilitate drainage for the different panels involved in the conversion.


robert turner

the G-Force producing, smile inducing Cayman S...
Man, I was Boxster’ed out. Owned three of them. One Boxster and two Boxster S’s. Then when you throw in the 987 Cayman S that really adds up to four. Man…I am Boxster’ed out. I felt like I was in a funk. It seemed to me to be the same old, same old. How is that possible, I mean these are Porsches after all. 


leo dijkstra

el jefe with the root of it all, his wife Diane
Last week, I followed the same route as my Euro 1984 928S2: over the Atlantic and back. You see, (I'm starting to sound like Pablo with this phrase...) my 928 was a grey import at the times when the dollar was strong and the deutschmark weak. Earlier this year, the dollar was heading in that direction again making all these US based classic car lovers switch from craigslist to autoscout24, but things have balanced out again. No matter what the Greek do. 


e̶l̶ ̶j̶e̶f̶e̶

pay attention to the registration plates...S-CL 8495 is of Stuttgart origin. note the pressed steel wheels.
I'd like to be idealistic about the whole thing, but I can't...it'd be a bit silly and naive. if the condition of Jim Doerr's pre-production 928 Nº 1 and Nº 6 are any indication of what one is to expect from such historically important cars, then there's little hope for what's considered one of the most unloved, mistreated, and loathed (by asshole purists) Porsches of all time—the 924. 


words and images by Rick Christian

As children, many of us have some sort of dream to one day fulfill; and there’s always a few who dream of one day owning a certain car. I was one of the few, and the 911 with a whale tail that I saw on a T.V. show or movie, I forget which, was my dream.