words and images by frank nicosia

old one, the original, at the top compared to the new one at the bottom.
I've read a few internet postings that claimed big improvements after the owners replaced their ground straps; so naturally, I became curious.

Although my 20+ year old ground strap appeared to be in good condition, I decided to replace it just to see if I noticed a discernible difference in the performance of my 1991 Porsche 928 S4...I was really eager to see the results for myself. 


art by pablo deferrari

places like pottery barn make me shake my head in disgust.

they make a killing selling shit with falsified ravages of time, and consumers who never own anything long enough to earn such character, fall for it hook, line, and sinker. but what you're seeing above can't be pulled off, even by the master impersonators of patina themselves...


thought aloud by pablo deferrari

very rarely do we get to witness the design process on how Porsches are created; be it a sketch, rendering, CAD drawing, or a wooden model such as this one done during the early design stages of the 924.


words by pablo deferrari

notice the porsche script on the bottom of the rear glass on the 1978 japanese 924 brochure.
there are two classes of porsche owners, the connoisseur and the dilettante...if you happen to be the latter, our aim is to make you the former.

let's start with the 924.


words and photos by steve rascati

my first love...
It all started when I was in 4th grade and my mother had to take me to the doctor for my stitches to be removed from yet another hockey scar... 


words and images by unknown poet

the guy or girl who posted this ad on craigslist is a poet by accident. it was well written, tugged at the heart strings a bit, and it sounded honest. I was about to comment on the posting, but figured that it needed to be left as I found it.

the only thing I did was put this person's words and photos on some stationary to fit the melancholy mood it portrayed. the last line suggests that the author is definitely smoking some gooood shit!


here's the original ad on this '82 924 Turbo for USD$1500:



history lesson by pablo deferrari

the PRV engine (image: wikipedia)
The Renault Alpine 310A had it...so did the Citroën XM, Delorean DMC-12, Dodge Monaco, Eagle Premier, Lancia Thema, Peugeot 504, and the Volvo 760 GLE too. Porsche even tried it...


thought and photos  by john nitz

We are always looking to park our cars in a safe spot so we don't get door dings, right? Well I figured when the operator gets into his cab his door wont be anywhere near mine! As long as he doesn't run me over. This is at my home town beach, the safest place to park.


words and photos by christian chazalon

Beginning in 2007, Mario Pagès from the Porsche Club Méditerranée, organized France's  most important Porsche Classic Meeting in Luberon, Provence, France : "La Fête des Classics". This intimate gathering is open to all Porsches made before 1998, from the 356 all the way up to the 993.


words and photos by erling

Rendez-vous Saturday morning before going to the track. Some distinguished company for my car as you can see
I thought I’d share my experiences at the 2008 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix with you all.