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"this guy'll end up donating this car to charity...and they'll sell it for scrap"

that's what I told my woman as we left the owner's house. he refused my offer of USD$750; USD$1000 was the lowest he'd go. he was insane, I was sure no one in their right mind would pay that for an '83 S that hasn't run in nearly a decade.

in fact, this was worse than a basket case as there was nary a part on this 928 that didn't need complete refurbishment. but I'm glad he refused my generous offer because my intention was to break her apart and sell her off bit by bit; funny how this car had a different fate than the one I had predicted.


el jefe

when I was about 15, I spotted one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen chatting with a few friends on the corner of Garibaldi and Magallanes in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I don't remember exactly how, but I got up the nerve to approach this creature and give her a bit of chat...then I realized something; she was a he. were it not for my keen sense to know that the lump with a lone whisker jutting out from the front of her neck, the Adam's apple, belonged on a man and not "her," I quickly looked at my watch and pretended I had to be some where...immediately.


el jefe

guards red/indischrot L80K 1992-1995 (solid color)

I suppose it's one of those things that run through my head while lying in bed waiting for darkness to begin its gradual transition into light. far too late to go back to some semblance of deep sleep and too early to get up, it makes for a perfect time to think of utterly pointless shit you've no control over like at how old you'll be when you're finally summoned to the inevitable dirt nap, or if your penis will still be of use for pleasures of the flesh when you're say 96. but today it was something more productive that consumed this pre-dawn consciousness; compiling a pictorial list of 968s in all of their shades.


story and race shots by Christian Chazalon

Racing a 928 hasn't been easy these days; too old to be competitive in a modern series, too young to be qualified for a classic series, and too few in numbers to organize a monotype serie. So some french enthusiasts decided to create a new serie called GT Classic in which any stock or racing GT produced before 1998 could race in four categories GTC1, GTC2, GTC3, and GTC4 class created specifically for the 928.


el jefe

flüssig enthusiast Steven Wade's 968 CS shows us the plug in place of the rear hatch lock cylinder
one of the first things that came to mind when I awoke this morning was Matt Mariani. no, it wasn't some homoerotic dream you oik, I was hashing out this very article during REM sleep when I immediately thought about of how the creator of the superleggera 928 RS would go gaga about this little known detail found in the 968 Club Sport.


story and photo by William Rick Christian

Former Porsche CEO Peter Schutz shakes my hand and signs my 944.
While working on a nice sunny day in late summer in 2014, a surprised guest decided to pay our shop a visit. This person is the former President and CEO of Porsche from 1981 to 1986, Peter Schutz. .