submission by christopher young

After admiring the 928 since I was a child I ran a cross a pristine example almost 2 years ago. a 1988 S4 Gaurds Red with tan interior. 


words and photos by matt mariani 

editor's note

Salvador Dali was asked once what he thought about his own work, he replied, "It's like the greatest masturbation that never ends." And do you know, I have to say the same about Matt's very ambitious 928RS project.


thought aloud by pablo deferrari

subject perfection in any photograph bores me at times because that's all we seem to see, or think the public wants to see. what does that say about the audience that prefers it as such? boring, fastidious, unrealistic...


thought aloud by pablo deferrari

My philosophy for Porsche ownership consists of two rules. Never use your savings to buy one, and never rely on a day job to fund the upkeep or restoration...create a source of income to fund your hobby. It's relieves stress and it can be a shitload of fun...


words and art by pablo deferrari

Every single thing I do with our Porsches, I write down in my little notebook, I don't have to tell you the importance of such things. But what amazed was Porsche's own service record book seemed, well, curt. Six quadrants with enough space for the date, mileage, and a place for the dealer to stamp it. I think they could've done better and since they offered a nice array of tools in each car's kit, they've must have figured the owner would like to keep a rigorous set of notes on what was done and when.


words by pablo deferrari story and photos by alan jacobson

Alan Jacobson and I have a few things in common; aside from Porsche passion, we were both busboys. Now I’m not sure which was the least desirable job in the restaurant business, but busboys are pretty much near the bottom…alongside the guy whose job was to pick up cigarette butts in the parking lot. The plus side was that you became pals, sometimes romantic ones, with the waitresses and you got a share of their tips.


words and photos by vytenis rauchas

So it was a first warm Sunday here in Illinois it was sunny and we had around 55 degrees, so i decided to play outside and finally check and test fit the aftermarket parts I bought 2 months ago. I called my brother to help me out and keep me company. 


tip from el jefe

come on, that's a piece of cake, baby.
Looking at this image, two things immediately come to mind. My passion for challenges and my creative cursing in German. Those of you familiar with this scene know all too well that sooner or later, power steering leaks in 924s, 944s, and 968s, will come your way. None of them are a big deal, and all of them are total DIY jobs. Here's one way to go about this hard-to-get banjo bolt on the return line at the rack.


thought aloud by pablo deferrari

Let me tell you why I hate bus drivers. Aside from being arrogant, the drivers of these stainless-steel clad rectangles transporting the living dead won't think twice to pull out in front of you, and why? Because they can. You see, here in America, it's the law for you to yield to buses regardless if you're doing 90 in the right lane and he decides, at the very last minute when you're close enough to see his nose hairs, to pull right in front of you. Stay with me, I'm making a point...