thought aloud by pablo deferrari

When the Hausfrau was ready to retire her 944, she decided to get a job as a Friseuse and get a Boxster. 

The funny thing about this is that whoever nicknamed those two models didn't realize the great potential they had. Sure, they weren't as powerful as the 911, but did they have to be cast off as something a bit limp-wristed? We may laugh at this reference, but in reality, it's a bit silly.


praise by pablo deferrari 

I was completely discouraged. It’s the kind of day where things are just going sour. The garage has the 968 and 928 in its berths, completely occupied, and the 944 needs her timing and balance shaft belts readjusted…I’ve no choice but to do this outside in the rain. 


thought aloud by pablo deferrari

"How can this be?" you may blurt out. One's logic would imply that the 928 would be a better suited contender in this bout...but apparently, it's aimed for the enthusiast with a set budget. The two cars are about three grand apart, so the 928 at nearly triple that price is automatically disqualified.



words by pablo deferrari photos by stefanos neris

Looking at a shot like this will do one of two things; make you drool or excite you enough to pick up a 924 and do the above. Stefanos Neris explains what this kind of fun is all about.


thought aloud by pablo deferrari

I've been around, you know? But what I've discovered tonight tells me there's so many more incongruent pairings between Porsches and girls; I ain't seen nothin' yet.


words by pablo deferrari photo authors unknown

I didn’t want to believe it. All through art school, the realization set in that all of my favorite artists and designers weren’t exactly original. Dali, Picasso, Basquiat, Rodgers, Toulouse-Lautrec…all of ‘em somehow influenced by another artist or movement. Then I began seeing it in my own designs and art, it was inevitable, the more you surround yourself with your kind, the more you become like them and inadvertently blend their styles into yours. Car design was no different.


thought aloud by pablo deferrari

Travis from Rennbay gave us a shout to talk about 944 Fest 2014 and what we'd like to contribute, naturally I gravitated towards something on the art side. So off I went sketching and messing around with some ideas when I decided on this art piece you see here.

I wanted to work with minimal colors and use an image that clearly spoke "944" but in more abstract sense. Since I'm such a sucker for intimate shots, I chose to shoot the cam box from a 951 Turbo Jason Gonzalez was working on for R7 Racing and Restoration. Perfect. Not too obvious, enthusiasts get it, and it marks a moment in time that everyone will have fond memories of.

DIY tip by pablo deferrari

You know I looked and searched all over the internet for insight on doing this job...and Rennlist, Pelican, 944Online yielded no results either. I even called my spiritual adviser Jim Doerr at 928 Classics since I figured he did it on his 32-valve 928, dice. 


thought aloud by pablo deferrari

I plan an opening an art gallery with nothing but used Porsches and memorabilia, oh, and it'll have a special wing for orphans like this. 

You see, I think there's something very interesting going on in some enthusiast's minds that begs to be drawn out and discussed. A thought process, some vision of genius we're clearly not privy to and I want to dissect it.


words by pablo deferrari photos by simone lanfranchini

Look at that...the next time someone looks down their conk at 924s, show them this photo with a beaming smile. No, it's not a real Carrera GTS, but who cares? Simone Lanfranchini has such passion for these cars that he decided to build his own version of the legendary 924.