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I'll let you in on something...I was never a big fan of the 944's looks decades ago. I was completely certain that no other Porsche other than the 911 or 356 could ever capture my fancy. That's a real pity, because all of those years I neglected to give this old girl a second glance meant that I was an idiot with my head too far up my ass. 


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I've often wondered why Porsche didn't go the way of Ferrari V8s and spin both cams with the timing belt. They've done it with great success from the 308, 328, 355, and 360. I suppose the Vario-Cam was already in the works by the time the first 16-valve 944 made its way into production and so they decided on the chain driven method.


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I had a tired Opel Manta Rallye as my first car at 17. What can I say, owning even the cheapest Porsche wasn’t even a blip on the radar, so after I got my fill with the German GM, I got the next best thing—a Mk1 VW Scirocco.


recollection and photos by matt d'arienzo

My freshman classmate Fred introduced me to Porsches, he had a passion for these quirky cars that stuck with me. Fast forward 30 years, the passion of owning a 911 is more intense than ever.  


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I was blown away, literally.

No, I haven't gone mad. But when looking at this image above, I'd be willing to bet it has a place in a museum. Wait, a complete exhibition can be made of every Porsche model ever made built entirely by Legos.


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Loads of research, tons of hours spent, sheer joy but not without bouts of anger peppered in, and a shitload of beer. These are guys after my own heart.


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Every now and then you stumble upon these forum threads. And you think, what the hell is this guy getting into... 


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jim doerr of 928 classics has taken his love for phonies to the next level...he's recreated it in modern sizes ensuring them a bright future
Look at those wheels. I challenge anyone to tell me that it doesn't look good on anything but 924s, 928s, and 944s. Some might even be so bold as to say they don't even look good on the Porsches they were used on from the factory...hell, they even looked pretty good on the 3.2 911 Carrera.


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911+'28=939. This simple mathematical equation is how Rinspeed came up with the Porsche 939. This isn't just some silly, whiskey fueled idea of melding 928 parts with a 911 Cabriolet, this was a very carefully planned and executed concept to create something four years before Zuffenhausen decided to produce it.