el jefe

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"hey James, check these phone dials out."

"Oh yea...they're quite small, 15s right?"

"what's this "quite" shit? I hear it on TV, radio, and now from you. "quite this, quite that, oh and isn't this quite lovely"...is speaking Her Majesty's English some sort of phase or are you just trying to sound sophisticated? putting sentences on doilies makes you sound like a jerk-off."

"Perhaps you need some alone time..."


el jefe

"Dick who?"

behind the scenes was a genius. Porsche's design Chief Tony Lapine had a secret weapon on his hands. aside from 928 designer Wolfgang Möbius and 924 stylist Harm Legaaij, one man helped make the icons sing both physically and visually — Dick Söderberg.


Antonio Kawage — papa elfer

editor's note:  few of our readers know how flüssig burst into being. even fewer still know how your editor went from being an air-cooled 911 elitist to  a passionate polygamist for early water-cooled Porsches. Antonio Kawage, of r-elfer, a site celebrating race inspired early 911s, wanted to find out more about this violent conversion and how it developed into a magazine devoted to a much maligned and misunderstood breed he enjoys pushing in people's faces.


el jefe

the barrel's spun. four of the six chambers are live. the chances of coming outta this one are slim.

we each take turns. me, then Seth and Derek followed by Jae. 

decals. art on the decals. simple and abstract sketches of what best personifies the flüssig fab 4. we're all taking stabs, verbally, at concepts. then Jae pushes the words aside and lets his art do the talking.



el jefe

editor's note: our friendship, like most others involving Porsches, was a blowing ember in the wind inginiting a field of dry grass. I met Antonio through my friend Chas Roscow who had asked if I could help his friend, Antonio, out with a 3,2 Targa he was hot for. a phone call and a year later, I find him again on Instagram hosting a page about race inspired longhood 911s called r-elfer (formerly r-gruppe). we picked up where we left off and discovered that we've both the same passions, ambitions, and stories that got us involved with the creation of Porsche Love endeavors. now, not a day goes by that we don't hit the typer and chat through messenger.