story and photos by joe howell

After having my 1984 944 named "Goldie" as a daily driving toy for two and a half years, this retired guy (yours truly), began to get the itch for more power. 


story by pablo deferrari

"Judging by the car you have chosen, you are a motorist of a special breed."

This is what the second page of my 1979 928 owner's manual declares in the opening sentence. I would have believed it then, but I don't think I'd feel like a special breed had I purchased the latest offering from Stuttgart today. Let me explain.


story and photos by kevin thiem

the project...
First of all, I’ve come to realize I am VERY lucky that I live near a metropolitan area like Atlanta, Georgia that supports a robust Porsche community. I frequently stumble on great deals that 928 lovers in other parts of the world would drool over. 


story by pablo deferrari photos by gavin arnold

Just look at the beautiful job these guys do.
Read that title again.

Now, remember it and keep it deep within the folds of your brain because the next time you see a 924, 928, or 944 abandoned in someone's driveway, or being offered at a ridiculously low price, you'll know better than to pass it up.


story and photos by pablo deferrari

I still think about her. I regret letting her go, I really do. But when beauty is only on the surface, and there's not much else, a man has to cut his losses...yes I'm talking about women.


story by pablo deferrari renderings by germain baillot, pierre fichet delavault, julie dicks and simon menu

So influential is the shape of the 928 that it literally changed and defined car design as we knew it...and did it nearly 40 years ago.


story and photo by gavin arnold

I had always been a car man.

You know the type. From the 8 year old with the compulsion to identify every car, to a teen with oily fingers right up into becoming a young chap with far too many and far too random cars.

I discovered my love for German metal produced during a specific period early on—and I proceeded to own most of them. Porsche really got under my skin though, and I’ve enjoyed some bliss years with them. It wasn’t long after turning 30 that I began to distance myself from cars a bit and started enjoying other things in life. I found a good lady, relocated, and then the inevitable happened...

I got thinking about Porsches.


story and photos by christian chazalon

31st of December 1999

In celebration of a new Millennium, a handful of enthusiasts living near Mont Ventoux, France decided to drive up its twisting roads, stop at the very point where the snow made it impassable, and uncork some Champagne. They found this moment so memorable that they made a vow to repeat it year after year.


story and photos by derek mccallister

Maybe I was an Italian shoe cobbler in my previous life, but I just love working with the original skin on the steering that originally came from the factory. Rather than replace the worn leather on a steering wheel, I found a way to renew it. 


story by pablo deferrari photos from the craigslist ad by owner

Mention 928 to some auto enthusiasts and you’ll be rewarded with a grimace that resembles the look of someone with a mouthful of Pop Rocks. What the hell is it about 928s these days that seems to cause such unfounded empathy?